Chip Seal

Chip Seal

Chip seal is an evenly distributed layer of emulsified asphalt that is applied onto an existing surface. A single layer of graded aggregate is embedded into the emulsified asphalt, is rolled, swept and fog sealed to complete the process. Ideal chip seal applications include residential streets, industrial / commercial streets, low and high volume roads, and heavy load roads.

Double Chip Seal

A double chip seal is two layers of chip seal applied immediately after one another. A larger aggregate (3/8″) is used on the first application followed by a smaller aggregate (1/4″) on the final application (stacking).

Chip Seal Underlayment

Chip seal underlayment is a chip seal that provides a waterproof membrane prior to the placement of a thin lift of hot asphalt such as Open Graded Friction Course, Hot Chip Seal, Plant Mix Seal and other hot applied thin lift asphalt.